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Business Competitiveness

LVCMart Consulting offers a range of solution designed to help business organisations succeed in today competetive business environment. Our solutions are designed specifically to each client, perfectly suited for clientele in making the best decisions for their organisations.
Our objective is to improve clientele business performance and competitiveness, which including utilization of technology infrastructure, market analyst, business performance management and more. Our Unique Approaches

Business Value


In today’s business world, it’s more important than ever for every business organisations to maximize their business value and employing the most cost effective and efficient use of business resources.

Business Marketing

Marketing Research

Marketing research helps business to: * Identify Market Segment and Sales Opportunity * Develop Accurate Marketing Plan * Spot Current and Upcoming trends * Reduce Business Risks

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

As Business Environment constaly changes, business organization will always need to adapt and re-define their strategy for long term corporate success.

Web Based Project Management Systems

Benefits of Web Based Project Management Systems

Project management systems are used so that the projects are completed effectively and efficiently. The project management systems contain scheduling, tracking, reporting functions. Web based project management systems is the software that is available online so that the members can have access to the files, documents, status from any part of the world. These products have been beneficial in effectively completing the project and the projects are completely within the deadlines which in turn saves money for the organization. The management processes are also implemented by having this software. A good choice of software from the available software in the market will be crucial and beneficial at later stage.


The web-based project management system can be used irrespective of the geographical location of the team member. The communication barrier between the team members is removed as effective and easy communication is possible by the web-based project management system. The only responsibility of the members is that they have to login in the system in order to communicate with their colleagues. The team leader’s burden is reduced as the task can be easily managed by the software system. The system helps the team leader in assigning and prioritizing the task and it develops the to-do list as well.

Project Management Software and Its Need

Project management software is a terminology that takes various types of software into consideration. Various types of software include cost-control, budget management, scheduling, communication, documentation etc. These all software’s are used so that a small or large project can be handled effectively and efficiently. In order for the software systems to work, the person needs to apply his skills, knowledge so that the project can be planned, utilized the resources and cost available and last but not least complete the project as per the deadline set. The various features like having charts, resource tracking, budgets, scheduling report generation are all encapsulated functions of the software system.

Need of Project Management Software

Any small or large project i.e. designing a new building for a company or designing a new box packaging for shoes when initiated needs to be managed. Every project is made up with different elements. Elements like human resources, paperwork etc have to work hand in hand so that the project is executed smoothly which ensures that the project is completed before deadline and the budget is not exceeded. There are loads of software tools available which can help the organization in managing the project. The organization can use tools that provide Gantt charts i.e. visual aids to analyse the overall project status.

Various Project Management Softwares

InfoTech Outsourcing Services Overview

At LVCMart, we believes application outsourcing about what you can add more value into your business, both by reducing cost strategically while driving up core value. Through application outsourcing, LVCMart takes strategic approach from initial blueprint, to application development, maintenance and continuous technical support. This will helps clientele to optimize their IT Investment.

Maximizing return through Strategic Application Outsourcing

Regardless of size or industry, organizations rely much on business application systems in order to effectively manage its operations, from accounting, supply chains management, maintaining customer relations and furthers. For years, LVCMart worked with senior executives in tackling their most critical business imperatives through strategic application outsourcing to achieve organizational aim.

Business Information Technology Strategy Solutions

Aligning Business InfoTech Strategy in the commercial world

The mantra of business IT strategy and alignment has been sung by consultants across the country. The overriding factor is that business cannot continue to work in their current model where IT is in effect an afterthought. They have to actively pursue the objectives of ensuring that information technology remains integral to the operations within that organization. This might mean that they have to squeeze some of the other parts within the company in order to make the necessary room for the scheme to align information technology. Normally the operatives on the group will have the skills to support this operation but they will be worried about jobs.

Globalization of Business InfoTech Strategy

Key Aspects Of Effective Business Action Plan

Summarizing Your Business Action Plan

Having hired the LVCMART business consultancy group, you will need to come up with a summarized action plan that takes into consideration the different priorities for your business. These are issues which are of prime importance regardless of the level of development that your company has achieved so far.

You will need to be sympathetic to some of the dynamic changes in the environment as well as the requirement that your business responds appropriately. It is not by coincidence that there is a good mix of strategies that are recommended by the consultancy agency. The aim is to open up choices for the business owner so that they can develop the right strategies within the context of the environment at the moment.

Assessing Communication Strategies

It is important that the main players in the business are able to communicate with the consultants who are given the job of improving the business generally. This communication will form part of the development process for the organizations. Unfortunately many organizations that call in the services of consultants are already facing communication problems. It is therefore conceivable that they will still not be able to communicate.

The LVCMART business consultancy group understands these challenges and will start to create a systematic forum for all the major contributors to the debate where they can discuss ideas and share disagreements. It is not impossible to improve the communication techniques of organizations. All that is needed is the will of the executives and the cooperation of the people on the ground.

Assessing The Available Communication Strategies

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